Once Upon a Time with Allie

Compiled by Tensie Keays

with Contributions from

Tensie Keays,
Chip Eichelberger
Eli Eichelberger, Jr.



Dedication This storybook is dedicated to Nankey and Allie's darling grandchildren. At this date in 1990

there are only five of you, youngest to oldest: Alice Ann, Brian, Elizabeth, Jayne and Vern. How welcome you

all are, as well as any more who come to join this treasured contingent. May you enjoy reading or hearing

these stories read to you as I enjoyed writing and collecting them for you. Living with and loving Allie was a

great part of my early life. It is my pleasure to pass it on to you. You are from a rich and varied gene pool,

half Workman-Eiche1berger and the second half handpicked for you by your Eichelberger parent. May it

stand you in good stead as you grow and learn about your wonderful life ahead. I shall end this book with

the resolution your Grandfather Allie put in another book. It is one you can enjoy in years to come when you

outgrow this one. Long after you forget these little stories please remember the meaning of the resolution Allie

lived by.

With a heartfull of Love. Aunt Tense



Allie's Resolution

RESOLUTION This book is dedicated first to the Eichelberger family and its many members and connections, the boys and girls, women and men who share the

great sense of belonging and the common heritage associated with knowing one's ancestry. Second, this book is to remind us to maintain a reasonable sense of

values, for none of us gets out of this world alive. Resolve, therefore, to be tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving, and

tolerant of the weak and the misguided. Sometimes in life each of us will have been all of these.

Taken from the Eichelberger Family Book that Allie Eichelberger wrote and compiled.

Copyright 1987


Table of Contents



Monkey By Tensie Keays

Igloo Ike By Tensie Keays

The Chevy Chase Clipper By Tensie Keays

Boats By Tensie Keays

Aquamania By Tensie Keays

Nipper's Tale By Tensie Keays

Two-Sticker By Tensie Keays

Bob Bailey Recalls - Featuring Saxton's Only Derby

A Night at the Aldine Theater by Eli Eichelberger,Jr.

Elephant Traps by Eli Eichelberger, Jr.

Teasing Tensie by Chip Eichelberger

Deer Slayer by Chip Eichelberger

Looking Ahead By Tensie Keays