Allie's Boyhood Stories


Dear Family Members and Friends,

It is my pleasure to make available this booklet of stories dealing with life at the "old Sod" as recalled by J. Allie Eichelberger. The following document contains the transcript taken from three cassette tapes recorded by Allie in 1989. At the request of his first grandson, Vern Trageser ("tell me what it was like when you were little..."), Allie decided to tell stories about what it was like growing up. This compilation is truly a labor of love. My role is as editor. The real work behind this booklet was performed by a close friend of mine, Lisa Shaub, who spent many hours transcribing these tapes. My heartfelt thanks to Lisa! Please enjoy and share the stories, history, and treasures contained within.

Katy Gallagher

July 20, 1996



The idea of telling stories to young kids I guess has been in family traditions for many, many years. Vern Trageser has always asked Grandpa Allie to tell him stories, mostly centering on when I was a boy. To do this, of course, stretches my memory and forces me to think back on times that are long gone, but I honor his desire to know more about his family and what things were like whenever his grandparents were young. So what I thought I would do is try to put down some stories on audiotape that Vern and Jaynie, Elizabeth and Brian, and other grandchildren of Nankey and mine might enjoy listening to someday whenever they just feel like finding out what the "old timers" were like many years ago. So with that I'm going to relate some stories on this tape and on the other side of this tape that they may find some interest in-they might find some boredom in-but Til try to make them as realistic as I recall.

J. Allie Eichelberger



Table of Contents


Allie's Stories

Old Timers

Merion, Pa.

Saxton, Pa.

In and Around Saxton

Growing Up

Part Time Jobs


Boy Scouts


Halloween and Snakes

World War II


Other Stories.....